Culinary Retreats

We offer upscale, unique retreats for travelers who are looking for comfort, dazzling locale, serenity, local immersive experiences along with bliss-filled yoga practices and exceptional culinary delights.

Yoga Culinary Retreats are very unique experiences of a serene, bliss-filled yoga retreat along with culinary delights created by your own personal private chef using local flavors and fresh ingredients… offering you an experience for your mind, body, heart.


The “culinary” aspects of our retreats include all meals & snacks custom made for you by the very experienced Executive Chef-turned Private Chef Wayne Smith. Wayne shops daily for the freshest and most interesting local ingredients, and brings them back to the facility to create meals that have elements of the local flavorings and styles, along with his own signature gourmet creative cuisine. Retreat guests are welcome to join Wayne for shopping, in order to experience the local markets and learn about foods from a chef. There are opportunities for guests to prep and cook with the chef during the retreat. Chef Wayne joins the group during meals to offer explanation of the dishes and insight into cooking techniques and useful information about foods and about cooking.


The “yoga” element of our retreats include daily yoga practices, yoga philosophy chats and guided meditation all lead by International Master Yoga Teacher, Jenn Lucene Smith. Jenn’s yoga practices are geared for all bodies to experience the powers of transformation that happen in a yoga practice. She incorporates strength, flexibility and alignment-based instruction for all her students to find the poses that work for them. During the retreats, Jenn incorporates breathing techniques, relaxation, guided meditation and physical yoga that’s gentle and loving. The retreat facility will always have a dedicated yoga space for us to practice. In addition, we will do a few yoga practices outside at breathtaking locations (on the beach, in front of the lake, etc…).  Learn more about Jenn at


In addition to yoga and culinary, we offer these all-inclusive retreats with very organized schedules. We provide all the transportation, stylish & quality accommodations, additional excursions, tours and daily offerings. Everything will be arranged and taken care of for you, from the moment you arrive at the airport/train station, until the moment you depart at the end of the retreat. We include everything, and we are very organized. We extensively research the locations for our retreats and make sure to include the most typical and unique experiences for your retreat. From boat tours of the caves in Portugal, sunset camel rides on the beaches of Morocco, to local hikes, guided tours and other relaxing excursions…we take care of everything and offer you a rich and full schedule that is fun and most of all, relaxing!